Ghost Tours Of Sleepy Eye Minnesota 2014

Ghost Tours Of Sleepy Eye Minnesota 2014
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ghost Tours Of Sleepy Eye Minnesota

Ghost Tours Of Sleepy Eye Minnesota
Bus Tours or Walking Tours
Start April 2014
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Everyone Loves A Great Ghost Story!
Why does everyone fear driving around Sleepy Eye Lake in the late Fall?
What happened to the man at Eagles Park?
Circus Ghost in Sleepy Eye ?
Fur Traders....What happened before 1900 ?
Many of these stories will be answered on the Ghost Tours of Sleepy to schedule a tour.

Many different tours this year.
See and hear the tales of terror from Sleepy Eye’s past.

Walking Tour or Bus Tour...Walking Tours during warmer months....

1. A Ghostly Experience Walking Tour
Strange and unusual tales of Sleepy Eye past, legendary stories, folk lore and ghostly experiences you can encounter on the walking tours. Lit by street lights and flash lights.

Dress for the weather. We will start a tour most nights at 8 p.m. If we have enough for the tour during warmer months. Start in April 2014.
Great fun but not for all ages.
The walking tour will feature the area just south of the railroad crossings, along by the old train depot, Sleepy Eye Flour Mill and a few blocks south. great stories and fascinating sites.
meet at Grizzly Canyon... Main Street... Sleepy Eye, MN

$10 admission. 10-12 per people per tour for Bus Tour
$10 admission 25 limit on walking tours.

We also have Doll Manor for viewing during the spring, summer, and fall months. $ 5 Admission Charge...A gathering of Dolls and Weird Stories about them...the dolls have been collected from all over the United States. A must see....By appointment. 

Bring your cameras along. You will never know what will pop up on your picture.

Call ahead to schedule your tour group